Bonner County Tea Party
Area Represented: Sandpoint, Idaho and the surrounding area
Mission Statement: What are our Founding Principles? They are Individual Freedom, State Sovereignty, and Free Market Economics. These are the Bedrock Principles that we must support and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic!
Leader(s): Christian Schwab
Mailing Address: N/A
Phone: N/A
About Us: The Bonner County Tea Party is an affiliate of Gem State Tea Party which is a statewide Tea Party Confederation working together to bring about substantial changes in the State of Idaho. We support increased personal liberty, lower taxes, decreased regulations, and smaller and more accountable government. We stalwartly oppose all efforts to increase the power and scope of government over individuals and businesses, and will work diligently to undo and eliminate existing regulations and taxes which stand in the way of individual freedom and business success.
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